Bass Pro Shops Decision Makes Dealers, Brokers, and Documentation Agents Wary of Acting as Closing Agent

signing contracts

A recent appellate court decision affirming a $24 Million dollar verdict against Bass Pro Shops stems from a claim filed by a consumer against the company, alleging unlicensed practice of law for drafting purchase agreements, title documents, bills of sale and powers of attorney and charging a “document fee” for the service. Brokers, dealers, and documentation agents alike need to be aware of the implications of this case and take care not to draft paperwork that constitutes the unlicensed practice of law in Florida or any other state. Attorneys should be retained to draft all corporate paperwork and any other document that creates or alters legal rights or obligations in buyers or sellers. Unlicensed practice of law in the State of Florida constitutes a third degree felony and may expose the offender to civil penalties as well.


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