2017 Mare Forum Ft. Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale maritime attorney Andrew High of Luxury Law Group will speak at the 2017 Mare Forum Fort Lauderdale Yacht Summit on Thursday, November 2nd. Co-organised by Mare Forum and Blueship and supported by the Cayman Registry, the conference geared towards yacht owners and industry professionals alike will cover topics including the Caribbean region’s recovery efforts after two recent hurricanes, where and how to finance the purchase of a yacht, how yacht owners can effectively charter their yachts, US Tax and legal issues, the competitive advantages of the flag registries, and correct visas for foreign crew.


Andrew High’s session at the 4th Mare Forum Fort Lauderdale Yacht Summit will focus on The yachting market outlook and the new REG Yacht Code – Fiscal & Legal issues; Looking ahead, YET’s and cover the following topics:

● What’s new on taxes?
● US Tax and legal issues
● European tax and legal issues
● What’s new from Flag states?
● What are the competitive advantages of the flag registries?
● What are views of yacht owners?

For a listing of the event program please visit here.


About Luxury Law Group

Luxury Law Group is a full-service law firm focusing on transaction and litigation matters related to luxury assets including yachts, aircraft, real estate, custom automobiles, art collections and fine antiquities. Serving clients around the world, Luxury Law Group is strategically positioned, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Stuart, Washington, D.C., and The Hamptons, to provide concierge law service expected by our diverse list of clients.

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